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The intention of the Gnote project is to develop an application to manage and predict eye tracking behaviours, possibly using MCTS. Gnote is part of a proposal regarding steganography Pinocchio's Nose: To share tools, for manipulating and displaying data that communicate complex scientific concepts. The current working example is a Go game application hosted on

Wearable technology could include an hdmi display, but where input data throughput is high and processing intensive, current lightweigth mobile technology such as oDroid, Raspberry Pi, Edison are constrained by heuristics. A standardisation process for input devices and heuristics, independent but cognisant of the browser, may be helpful.

"Eye Tracking" by Holmqvist & Nyström 2011 is an excellent introduction, from the field of Perception at OUP.

Raspberry Pi openGLES 2.0 tutorials, a necessary prerequisite.

Current To Do includes:
Done includes:

to trace the development from Aboriginal writing and drawing by way of Cuneiform, Heiratic, through Herodotus, Allegory, Cartography, Florence + the Machine, & as we draw away from an entropic narrative Science, via a stochastic buffer with rewind, without the proverbial paddle; to consider less certain nuanced futures, a narrative collage.
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archived notes on developing an HTML5 eyetracker using Sony PlayStation® PS3™ Eye camera with the ITU Gaze Tracker from