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Our News:

November 2003:
  • To celebrate the inaugural meeting of the London SVG user group, is pleased to announce the launch of the SVG mobile forum. Please feel free to leave messages comments or info relating to the use of SVG on mobile platforms
  • Thanks to Steph, the Sharp Zaurus 750 now runs tinyline 1.5 using this package
  • peepo hosts a number of pages designed for the tinyline on the Zaurus
September 2003:
  • We now have a peepo wiki for people with a learning difficulty to post messages.
  • with SVG is live!
  • The Sharp Zaurus SL-C750 is an amazing linux PDA. report due anytime
  • Skipper is an accessible software interface for people with a disability
July 2003:
  • Things have been somewhat hectic.
  • There is a new open source SVG beta
  • Adobe launch a new SVG plugin: ASV6 to celebrate!
  • We have a new sl-c750 on order from Japan, so expect a report soon
January 2003:
  • Chaals very kindly installed fink and amaya on osX
October 2002:
  • steve's legway: much the best lego project in a while?
  • Phoenix a browser only version of mozilla

July 2002:
  • OSS use within UK government education next?
  • after nearly a year I installed suse 8.0 and killed my LAN, so ipaq now running pc2002(not before time, as I never checked it out.)

June 2002:
  • Newbie ipaq 3850 install howto has info on:
  • tinylogin, for security
  • 'reading' files using flite 1.1
  • a foldable keyboard, a 2Gb pcmcia hard drive, and maybe intimate soon

April 2002:
  • Peepo started moving, and whilst this project is not on hold, it is delayed
  • I now have a small network, including an ipaq, which is working to a fashion

January 2002:
  • We are currently testing emacspeak an audio desktop with a range of students. Results so far are very encouraging, with plenty of laughs.
  • Will it be possible to run emacspeak on an ipaq PDA? I'm looking into it

December 2001:
  • The RNIB kindly donated a machine, sent it by post, and although it was delivered, it was stolen before I even saw it. Oh dear!

Late 2000:
  • Our clients currently have open access to a dell 433mc notebook running mandrake7.0. Please gNOTE: due to the theft of our students' notebook, this project is on hold. If you'd like to donate something a bit better mail me.

Early 2000:
  • gNOTE is a free linux project.
  • gNOTE is an aid to authoring for people with cognitive or learning difficulty
  • There are currently a number of modules,
  • a photo login(kdm), a desktop(icewm), an editor, and various games.
  • an icon generator for the editor is in design stage.

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